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Picasa Map Gadget

Screenshot of gadget on iGoogleIt's been a while since I created a new gadget - partly because I'm mildly disillusioned with the (I suppose, understandable) lack of continued support for inlined gadgets and partly because I've been so busy. I created this gadget because I wanted to plot my geotagged Google Picasa web albums on a Google Map - similar to the album locations map shown to lower right on your Google Picasa homepage.

Simply type edit the gadget settings to specify your username and the gadget will plot all of the albums for which a location has been entered.

The gadget is a mashup in the truest sense, bringing together a variety of different Google APIs including Google Maps APIGoogle Picasa APIGoogle AJAX Feeds API and of course the Google Gadgets API. 

I've made it in such a way that you can seek back and forth between albums in chronological order using the controls below the map. By default, you can view albums using the slideshow provided by the Google AJAX Feeds API - although that is suited best to when the gadget is rendered in iGoogle. Below, you can see the gadget embedded in a webpage, in which case the View album hyperlink takes you to the relevent album on Google Picasa. Sadly, the slideshow component offered by this API seems not to work in Internet Explorer (IE7 at least) - what a surprise - so it's not available in this browser.

Of course, it can only plot public albums for which a location has been specified. Those without a location are simply ignored by the gadget - at least for the moment. You might find this useful to add to your blog or website or instead add to iGoogle to keep track of a friend's photograph album. As soon as a new album is uploaded to Picasa it immediately shows up in the gadget!

This gadget will lend itself nicely to the new gadgets.* API and canvas view so watch this space for future updates! 

Click the button below to add to iGoogle. Try it out now :-)

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Last Updated ( Sunday, 15 February 2009 )
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