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Web Stickies Mod
Web Stickies Mod v3.0
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Web Stickies Mod is a modification of Kevin Gill's original Web Stickies module (great idea, Kevin) which offers the ability to add up to fifty sticky notes to your homepage, change their opacity and colour and freely edit their content. Note contents are automatically saved and of course available whenever you sign in to your Google Homepage.

For questions, problems and all other discussion please visit the Web Stickies Mod Google Group. For bug reports, change requests and the latest beta version visit the project home at Google Code.

If you would like this gadget translated into another language and / or think you can help with this, please get in touch.

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Change History
Version 3.0 has been released. If you were using a previous version then you should have been automatically upgraded by now!

- Added options to change dock on drag settings
- Improved note title focus handling

- Increased note capacity
- Increase number of available notes to 50
- Added Google Adsense adverts. Yes you can turn them off - see the FAQ
- Added language support
- Added a rich text editor (still in beta and not quite stable due to recent homepage changes)
- Added dock on drag option to disable auto-docking
- Added a debug mode which uses the mini message library
- Added a few more note colours
- Various minor bug fixes

- Fixed a bug where having more than once instance of the gadget means not all notes are displayed
- Improved docking action
- Added "dock on drag" option

- Drag'n'dock notes
- Minimizable notes
- Warning when saving too much data
- Opera compatability
- Tidy all notes button
- Ability to use multiple instances of module for even more notes
- Google coloured tabs integration

- Thanks to Google's Adam Sah for suggesting and helping with the snap to grid implementation
- The Z order of all notes is now correctly preserved
- Tabbed homepage integration is now far more robust
- Notes are hidden when editing the module setup or the tabs configuration
- Optional confirmation when deleting notes
- Notes are now available in more colours!
- Saving has been enhanced
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 October 2007 )
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