This is a modest website which I put together in 2014 and offers a bunch of images ideal for use as background images. Powered by Google App Engine and some fun HTML5 and CSS3.

Because when something isn't quite as you would like it, that sometimes means making it just as you would like it. Blue for work, green for personal in my case.

Chrome Themes


The best way to teach yourself a bit of Android coding is to write some. I made this for my kids to encourage them to identify and say aloud the names of animals.


Say It

I dislike using the mouse. Especially when I'm used to doing something with the keyboard on one platform and suddenly I can't do the same thing on another. This tiny extension lets you reorder Chrome tabs with the keyboard - the same on Windows and Mac as it is on Linux. 

Keyboard Shortcuts to Reorder Tabs


I built this website to display my photo albums on a map. This is built using The Closure Library, Google Maps API and Google App Engine.


The random image API. The little project was used to test a feature I worked on for Gmail. The idea is to return and cache a wide array of big, beautiful images from a variety of sources from just a URL. Currently the service interfaces with Picasa, Panormaio and Flickr to retrieve wallpaper friendly images at random and offers a means of ranking them to help more popular images surface more frequently.