Greg Bullock

My name is Greg. No I cannot fix your computer.

I enjoy photography, diverse music, driving fast cars, delicious food and interesting problems.

Between 1997 and 2002 I studied Computer Information Systems and Human Computer Interaction at The University of Bath where I wrote theses about encryption performance, usability and 3D spatialized sound.

I write software for a living and have found working on Gmail for the last 6+ years very rewarding. I've worked on a bunch off different projects, including but limited to Gmail's New Inbox, the pre-cursor to Inbox by Google, Gmail Custom Themes (a 20% project), Gmail for the much-maligned Google Glass (another 20% project) and more recently Gmail for Android.

I am happily married and a proud Dad to three amazing children and I have recently moved from back from Zürich to London.

Outside of work (at least when I'm not sleeping) I somehow find time to take play boogie woogie piano, fly drones, race cars and hack on random Android apps, Chrome Extensions & App Engine side projects.

I first made a website here some time in 2001 when studying for my undergraduate degree. It's been used to host my résumé, photo collection, and recent software projects. These days, I've mostly outsourced all of that and now just keep a few links around.

As far as I recall, this is now the fifth version of the site - see for more snapshots. Along the way, creating and maintaining it has taught me lots about JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, computer networking and online security.